Shocking Secrets In A Movie Theater

Shocking Secrets In A Movie Theater You Did Not Know

Do you know that many things in the cinema are quite strange for you? Like the price of the foods and beverages which is much higher than your ticket price, and others. We would like secrets in the movie cinema that is hiding from you and you should know it!

Due to the tight time shift, the cleaning workers may not properly clean the movie halls. That is why you may sit on a seat which is dirty and smells bad. For the information, all the movie halls cleaners are sweeping the floors and cleaning your seats carelessly because of the tight timings between the movie. Commonly, the movie halls will be cleaned properly at the night. Next, you better leave your cups and popcorn box on your seats. This can help the cleaners easily collect your trash after the movie is over. If you want to buy popcorn in the cinema, you will realize that the prices are extremely overpriced. The price of 10.5 oz of popcorn is more expensive than a good quality of steak in the same weight. You also need to pay $8 per box in the USA. Wow!

Loud of noises in the movie halls can damage your hearing. Despite the truth of audio system standard and volume requirements exists. But, some of the big screens regulate their own rules. You should aware when watching action or horror movies which have very loud noises which can damage your hearing. It is suggested by us that do not too often watch the movies in the cinema. No one can resist the mouthwatering smells of popcorn. The cinema uses some special recipes to create a great scent. The popcorn that is sold by the theater workers is not always fresh. They say that they store the popcorn that is not sold at night in plastics bags and heating it up and selling in the next day.

Spectacular Movie Theater

Spectacular Movie Theater Around The World You Should Attend Once In Your Lifetime

Looking for the different experience in watching a movie in the theater? Various countries have so many unique and amazing place to enjoy the movie. These places to enjoy your favorite movie will make your movie time worth to do! Here is the list of unique and coolest movie cinema around the world you should come before you die.

If you want to watch a movie in an open space. Greece will be your right country to enjoy various unique outdoor movie theaters which are commonly held in the summer season and open from April to October. The Cine Thisio outdoor theater is a beautiful open space movie cinema with a spectacular view as Cine Thisio. The Acropolis and the Parthenon will be your best place to sit on top. The night is the best time to spend the night with watching the movie from classic to first-released movies. Having hot tub while watching the movie is a thing can do in Hot Tub Cinema. You will watch the movie from your hot tub and it is the perfect way to relax and absorb new energy. You can easily find this extraordinary cinema in London as the place this idea was born. Sounds interesting, right?

If you are the big fans of Bollywood movies, you should come to the origin of the movies. Raj Mandir Theatre, Jaipur, India will be the perfect place to enjoy the ultimate Bollywood experience. You will be offered with three-hour Hindi movies with the national anthem at the beginning. In addition, Raj Mandir is the main landscape of the beautiful city, Jaipur. The theater has its pink color Art Deco exterior which is made of asymmetrical shapes. made up of asymmetrical and waves shapes with its pink color Aer Dexo. So, which one if your favorite one?