The 5 Popular Types of Theatre Stages

The 6 Popular Types of Theatre Stages – The stage is the element of theater that can be separated. It is the necessity for the theater where the actors and the actresses present the script or scenario will be presented. And here are the five popular types of theater stages that mostly found.

1. Proscenium Stage
The proscenium stage is one of the best stages for the theater since it can give a good view of the audience. The stage will face a part of the audience straight, so they can focus on one direction and get a good view from all sides. Theater that uses the proscenium stage mostly includes the live music from the orchestra pit and also scenery and lighting from a fly tower.

2. Thrust Stage
The thrust stage is the theater stage that arranged of being surrounded by audiences sitting on three sides and the fourth side arranged as the background, which should remind you on online poker table in. There are some typical arrangements for the thrust stage including a square or rectangular arrangements, raised arrangements, or surrounded by raked seating arrangements.

3. Arena Theater
The Arena theater stage is different from the proscenium and thrust stage where the stage is arranged with the central stage and surrounded by the audiences on all sides. It is usually similar to the theaters in the round which arranged in rectangular shapes.

4. Theaters in-the-round
The theater’s in-the-round stage is the type of central stage surrounded by the audience on all of the sides. But, even it is arranged in central shape, it usually needs a polygonal or square arrangement for the audience. The actors and actresses will enter the stage through the aisles between the audience’s seating.

5. End-Stage
The end-stage theater is similar to the Thrust stage. But, its difference by the audience’s location. On the end stage, the audience is sitting only on the front of the stage while the thrust stage also extends around the stage. This stage does not use the real wing space to the sides even you can find the entrance. An example is the music hall where the main stage is surrounded by the background walls on the three sides.

6. Black Box Stage
The black box or flexible stage is a theater stage painted into black and the floor of the stage is at the same level as the audience’s row. This stage and audience sitting are flexible where it can be arranged that appropriate to the need of the play that will be presented and also according to the desire of the director.

There are a lot of theatre’s stages can be found, but there are six popular types of theater stage including the proscenium stage, thrust stage, arena theatre stage, theatre-in-the-round stage, end-stage, and also black box stage.

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