Here are 5 Broadway Theatre Stars Who Cast in Hollywood Movies

Here are 5 Broadway Theatre Stars Who Cast in Hollywood Movies

Here are 5 Broadway Theatre Stars Who Cast in Hollywood Movies – Broadway and Hollywood has the sweetest and longest relationship ever. From Broadway, Hollywood gets its most brilliant stars. They make the movies alive, and they make the face for publication. The following Hollywood stars are originally Broadway theatre stars. They are popular in Hollywood but not so many people know their Broadway origin.

1. Nick Jonas
Even before he gets into the popular band “Jonas Brothers”, he is already in the Broadway theatre. He makes an appearance in many of the theatre performance, including Annie Get your Gun, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Miserables. He also appears on a performance back in 2012, titled How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker
She plays Carrie Bradshaw in a popular Broadway show, Sex and the City. Surprisingly, she starts her debut back in 1976 in a Broadway performance titled The Innocents. She appeared again later in 1979 for the Annie.

3. Ariana Grande
Most people may think that Ariana Grande Started her career by starring at Several of TV shows owned by Nickelodeon. The fact is she started with Broadway. In 2008, she made an appearance and casted as the cheerleader at the 13 musical performance in the theatre.

4. Meryl Streep
Just as is on the tip top of the best online betting sites list, she is in the A list when it comes to actress and actors in Hollywood. The big screen loves her, and she is an award winning star that the younger generations look up to. Very few know that she started her career as a Broadway theatre star with Happy End musical performance was her first notable appearance.

5. Anna Kendrick
We may know her as she cast on Pitch Perfect movie hits. Originally, she was only 12 when she made an appearance on a Broadway performance titled High Society. This performance brought her into the nomination for best featured actress in musical of Tony Award.

There are still more stars should be included in this list, including Morgan Freeman and John Travlta, Sarah Hyland, Kristen Bell, Skylar Astin, and more. So yes, being in world class theatre may get you to Hollywood if you know how to master it.

The Best Theater Performances to Mesmerize You

The Best Theater Performances to Mesmerize You

Theater performances have been one of the most attractive entertainment you can choose to excite you in the best way possible. There are so many great things you can enjoy while you are watching the live performances, such as live music, costumes, choreography, and so many more. All of them will really support the story and make it remarkable even more. So then, it is actually no wonder if a theater performance can be so impressive and unforgettable for everyone who has ever watched it. So, they always want to come back again and again to feel that distinctive and exciting experiences that they might not find anywhere else.

Well, there are actually the best theater performances that will really mesmerize you awesomely. Fortunately, you can figure them out below.
1. The Lion King
One of the best theater performances that will amaze you is “The Lion King” which is adapted from the famous Walt Disney’s movie. The reason why it is so wonderful to enjoy is because it has been created all around the world in the various new and inspiring ways since it was performed on Broadway for the first time in 1997. However, you will always find it very interesting as the casts of the production can give you the splendid and magical show. The cool costumes and wonderful stage will be something that pleases your eyes for sure. Aside of that, you can also enjoy listening to some memorable songs in the movie, such as “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, “The Circle of Life”, “Be Prepared”, and so many more still. Thus, basically, this particular performance will bring back memories and blow your mind at the same time.

2. Les Miserables
Furthermore, the other astonishing live entertainment that you will love so much is “Les Miserables”. This tremendous theater performance, which inspired the Oscar winning movie, has been known well as one of the most popular musical shows. It is all because it can offer you dramatic and romantic story that many people in the world love adore so much. Not only that, the fabulous stage design is definitely something else that will steal your attention for sure. Moreover, the beautiful iconic score and hits such as “At the End of the Day” and “I Dreamed a Dream” will make you feel the deeper experiences somehow. So, do not ever be surprised if you become a big fan once you have watched it.

Why You Better Watch Movies in Theater

Why You Better Watch Movies in Theater?

Why You Better Watch Movies in Theater? – Watching movies in theater can be one of the excellent ideas that you can do mainly if you are looking for a fun activity to do. It will allow you to enjoy the movie and get the different remarkable experiences at the same time. So then, you will find that the movie you watch can really entertain you through the story and the impression you can get from it. Furthermore, watching movies in theater somehow can bring you the fascinating moments that you might not get at home. So, you will always want to go back there every time you want to enjoy the latest movies in your leisure time. Well, there are actually some other reasons why you better watch movies in theater, which you can find out below.

1. It Makes You More Focus
One of the numerous reasons why it is so much recommended for you to watch movies in theater is that it can make you more focus while enjoying the story of the movie. It is because all the things that you can see in theater are the movie you want to watch on a big screen, chairs, and maybe the snack that you bring or buy. So, you will be able to get into the story easily and even get involved in it emotionally deeply as well. On the other hand, you will find so many things around you when you enjoy a movie at home, which can be like the loud roommates or family members, the ringing phone, the pets, and so many more still. All of them will make you divide your attention and even annoy you so bad. Thus, you will just end up sitting on your comfortable couch with no moments in the movie you have caught.

2. It Gives You the Good Quality “Me Time”
Next, it is such a very great idea for you to watch a movie in theater as it can give you the good quality “Me Time”. You have to remember that it is good for you to enjoy your spare time by enjoying the latest movies in theater sometimes or you also can play online for another activity. This particular activity can make you get the chance to refresh yourself and get free from the boring and stressful life for sure. The distinctive vibes, which you can get from the super massive sound system splendid additional effects, will definitely mesmerize you whenever you enjoy a movie in theater. So, it is so obvious that it will never be something you will regret.

Correlation between Script and Scriptwriter in Theater

Correlation between Script and Scriptwriter in Theater – Scripts are important during the process of practice and drama / theater performances. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the script is very necessary. The script related to the supporters of the performance as illustrated below. Script relationship with producer, producer can provide a choice of script to the director. Next, the producer estimates the funding needs according to the script chosen by the director. Based on these estimates the producer tried to raise funds from various sources, one of which was from the entrance ticket. Script relationship with the director, the director is an element of the theater who must understand the text very well because he tasked with interpreting the contents of the text. Creative directors are able to realize the story in the script into a living story on the stage. Through the director’s work, the author’s intentions can convey to the audience.

Script correlation with the players is the players tasked with understanding the characters in the script. Directed, players try to make the characters in the script become real figures on the stage. The relationship of the script with the stage relatives, stage relatives (stage stylists, light organizers, property stylists, music stylists, fashion stylists and makeup artists) carry out their respective tasks based on the script. The stage relatives realize the demands requested in the script with the direction of the director. Scripts are very important as a source of stories, especially in the performance of modern theater. Traditional theater usually holds a spontaneous performance. Before traditional theater performances, the players, directors, and stage relatives gathered to discuss casting. In this discussion, the story will be staged, the sequence of scenes and dialogue that will be presented on stage. Traditional theater groups have no difficulty despite holding a spontaneous performance. This is because the storyline, characters, and forms of presentation in traditional theaters tend to be fixed or static.

In drama / theater texts, technical instructions are also needed which often called side texts. Side texts provide technical instructions about characters, time, atmosphere, performances, sounds, music, the influx of actors, sound colors, feelings or emotions of dialogue, and so on. Side text is usually written differently from dialogue (for example with italics or uppercase letters). The elements that build this drama script cannot separate from one another. Understanding the elements of the text well is the first step in the theater process. A good understanding of the text will facilitate subsequent processes until arriving at the stage of the drama on stage.

The 5 Popular Types of Theatre Stages

The 6 Popular Types of Theatre Stages

The 6 Popular Types of Theatre Stages – The stage is the element of theater that can be separated. It is the necessity for the theater where the actors and the actresses present the script or scenario will be presented. And here are the five popular types of theater stages that mostly found.

1. Proscenium Stage
The proscenium stage is one of the best stages for the theater since it can give a good view of the audience. The stage will face a part of the audience straight, so they can focus on one direction and get a good view from all sides. Theater that uses the proscenium stage mostly includes the live music from the orchestra pit and also scenery and lighting from a fly tower.

2. Thrust Stage
The thrust stage is the theater stage that arranged of being surrounded by audiences sitting on three sides and the fourth side arranged as the background, which should remind you on online poker table in. There are some typical arrangements for the thrust stage including a square or rectangular arrangements, raised arrangements, or surrounded by raked seating arrangements.

3. Arena Theater
The Arena theater stage is different from the proscenium and thrust stage where the stage is arranged with the central stage and surrounded by the audiences on all sides. It is usually similar to the theaters in the round which arranged in rectangular shapes.

4. Theaters in-the-round
The theater’s in-the-round stage is the type of central stage surrounded by the audience on all of the sides. But, even it is arranged in central shape, it usually needs a polygonal or square arrangement for the audience. The actors and actresses will enter the stage through the aisles between the audience’s seating.

5. End-Stage
The end-stage theater is similar to the Thrust stage. But, its difference by the audience’s location. On the end stage, the audience is sitting only on the front of the stage while the thrust stage also extends around the stage. This stage does not use the real wing space to the sides even you can find the entrance. An example is the music hall where the main stage is surrounded by the background walls on the three sides.

6. Black Box Stage
The black box or flexible stage is a theater stage painted into black and the floor of the stage is at the same level as the audience’s row. This stage and audience sitting are flexible where it can be arranged that appropriate to the need of the play that will be presented and also according to the desire of the director.

There are a lot of theatre’s stages can be found, but there are six popular types of theater stage including the proscenium stage, thrust stage, arena theatre stage, theatre-in-the-round stage, end-stage, and also black box stage.

The Types of Theater Genres

The Types of Theater Genres

The Types of Theater Genres – As the form of art, the theater has some genres that can be presented through the script or scenario. And if you are an actor or actress in a theater, you have to know the different types of theater genres. Here are three different types of theater genres that you should know.

– Comedy
If you are looking for the amusing, entertaining and also simple storyline of theater, this comedy genre can be a great choice. Comedy is a type of literary genre that aims for bringing humor and inducing laughter for the audience. The theater in a comedy genre is purposed to amuse and entertain the audience through the dramatic sequence action with creating a comic effect. The theatrical comedy has a cheerful and happy ending.

– Tragedy
The word of tragedy is mostly used to describe any kind of disaster or even misfortune. And for the theater, tragedy refers to describe more serious scripts with the sequence actions of the sorrowful and terrible events. This tragedy genre is also easily impressed the attention of the audience to involve into the storyline, which is why this plot is often use as a theme in many online gambling games.

– Historical
Historical theater genre can be the comedies and tragedies genre, or even neither of these. Theater with the historical genre is also popular since it can impress the audience’s attention for a long time even until these days. This genre will be more focus on any actual historical events, so it will mostly adapt to the historical story as well.

– Musical
If you like to listen to music, this musical theater genre will be recommended to see. The musical theater is not only presenting a good theatrical performance, but this genre will also combine a lot of aspects including songs, dancing and also spoken dialogue. The audience will be entertained by the music, story, acting and also everything on the stage that is combined with the music.

– Satirical
Satirical theater becomes one of the most popular theater genres these days. Theater with its satirical genre is purposed for attempting any current events, political or social statements through the comic look. This satirical theater gets a lot of attention from the audiences.

Theatrical performance always entertains the audience through the sequence of storyline and action of the performers on the stage. Each of the theater’s genres has a different storyline, whether its comedy, tragedy, historical, musical or even the satirical genre. Every genre will give a different impression to the audience as well.

Watching Movies in Theater, The Benefits

Watching Movies in Theater: The Benefits

Watching Movies in Theater: The Benefits – Do you look for a great entertaining to suit your spare time so well? If you do, it is actually so much recommended for you to watch movies in theater. The reason why you better do this kind of activity is because it can give you the distinctive vibes that you cannot get at home. So then, you will always find it so fun and fascinating somehow. Aside of that, watching movies in the theater can also offer you some notable benefits that you will like so much. Well, in case you are so curious about those benefits, it will be so much better for you to figure them out below.

– Stay Up To Date with the Latest Movies
One of the various benefits that you can get when you watch a movie in theater is that it can keep you up to date with the latest movies. It is all because theater will always be the first place where movie makers will release their newest work before posting it on any other online platforms. So then, they will be able to find out how the audience will react to the movie they have produced excellently. In addition to this, a theater can also be the perfect place that will give you all of the information (not spoilers) about the most recent movies. Thus, it will always be a very nice idea for you to check the listing in the theater near you because it will really help you to easily find the best movies available every time you need a good entertainment.

– The Different Experiences
Moreover, you will get the different and remarkable experiences when you watch movies in theater. The larger screen and the better sound system are great things that will make you enjoy the movies in the most awesome way. So then, you will get mesmerized not only because of the marvelous story of the movie, but also the astonishing entertainment that pleases your eyes and ears at the same time. Besides, there are so many theaters that can offer you the special effects to enjoy the movie in the more realistic way. One of them that will excite you is the 3D or 4D features which will make you be the part of the movie. So, based on this specific fact, it is no wonder that you will have pleasurable moments while watching a movie in theater.

Theater Scriptwriter Tips: How to Make a Good Drama Script

Theater Scriptwriter Tips: How to Make a Good Drama Script

Theater Scriptwriter Tips: How to Make a Good Drama Script – Script is one of the important components in the world of theater. The script is the life of a drama. Being a theater scriptwriter is a difficult but easy job. A scriptwriter must have high imagination and creativity. The process of making a movie scenario is actually difficult and easy and requires not a little time. To produce a mature scenario, a writer can spend 3-5 months. Here are ways to produce a good play for the writer. The first is to determine story ideas or themes, if you make a theater not based on a book you have to determine the story idea yourself. Make a story idea as attractive as possible that can make your theater interesting to watch, for example lovers who love each other but obstructed by religion. Then formulate the script, in this framework you have to make a series of story ideas, arranged so that the story you make is not chaotic.

Then make a plot / storyline. The next step is to make a plot or storyline. Make an interesting storyline from the beginning of the story, mid story and the end of the story. If you have found the drama’s storyline, you will indirectly find a problem that will be the main topic in the theater. Here you can arrange the initial problem, the peak of the problem and the ending or resolution of the problem. Determining the settings is also very necessary in the theater, where the theater will hold also should be a consideration in order to facilitate the process of taking pictures and equipment. The next step is to determine the character of each character. This process should explain clearly about the character of each character that will be included in your story.

Every theater script must have a core problem discussed. For more about online theater script you can check at in here you have to make the problem as interesting as possible, if you can make the problem as real as possible which usually happens in everyday life so that the audience can easily enter the stories in the theater. In this process, it is important for you to determine who you want to be in the theater you are making, for children, adolescents, adults or families. Then lastly, you have to be confident that your written script will be successful and memorable for the audience, because with you confidence and positive thinking everything will go along with your wishes because your success depends on what you think.

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

It is not a secret that the War Memorial Art Center is one of the biggest attractions in San Francisco. Even though, you have to admit that there is another great attraction in San Francisco. It is the War Memorial Opera House. The name is derived from the First World War. That is why this opera house is attracting a lot of attention from many people in the area of California. Yes, this opera house is not only a place to watch some operas, but also the a monument to remind the event of the First World War.

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This opera house is a real greatness of opera house, at least on the area of California. That is because this opera house is a real art from a great architect named Arthur Brown. For your information, he is the one who designed the San Francisco City Hall. That is why the starting sketch of this opera house that was built in 1932 is considered as one of those masterpieces of this architect.

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

If you are taking a closer look at the building, this opera house is a real modernity on its time, around 1930s. You can see that and compare the overall design of this opera house with many other buildings around that time. As an addition to that, the inner parts of this opera house are also considered as something simple yet grand. The grand columns with the extra ornaments to give the details inside this opera house are something that you should never miss. To make it better, the height of the ceiling was made about 38 feet. This is one of those things that give you the grand impression from this opera house. With all of those things, it is a common thing to say that War Memorial Opera House is one of the best opera house in California.

Tips in Making Your Own Home Theater

Tips in Making Your Own Home Theater

There are some people who want to have a great home theater room. Unfortunately, not all of those people are able to execute the idea well. As the result, they did not get the satisfying home theater room just like what they want. If you are thinking about getting the home theater room on your own, you need to try these important tips below to help you get the best home theater room.

For the start, you need to know the proper size of the theater room. This is important because if the room is too small, you will get the cramped feeling when you are watching the movie inside your home theater room. That is why you need to have the minimum of 250 square feet of space if you want to make the comfortable home theater room. The second tip is choosing the proper seats based on your need. When you are talking about the seat model, you can use the single seat such as the one on the real theater. Or else, you can choose the round sofa set so that you can have a more comfortable watching experience there. As an addition to that, you need to know the number of people who will watch the movie. Set the number of seat to fit that kind of need.

The third tip is to place some audio outputs on every corner of the room. This is something that many people did to their home theater room. Unfortunately, there are not many people who realized the proper size that they need. This way, you need to choose the proper size for the sound output. Choose the medium-sized speakers to keep the sound balanced from the front to the back.

The last but not least, you need to set the proper size of the screen. For your information, there are some people who choose the wide TV screen as the replacement for the theater screen. However, this can be quite expensive for some people. As the result, they usually choose the high-quality projector to watch movie on their home theater room. Both of these options have their positive and negative parts to consider. So, you need to consider them first before you choose to use a large TV screen or projector. Or else, you will not have the best watching experience in your private home theater room. Good luck in making your amazing home theater room.

Tips and Tricks for Your Home Theater Speakers

Tips and Tricks for Your Home Theater Speakers

When you are making your own home theater, the speakers are becoming one of those important aspects that you need to consider. That is because if you are not able to choose the best speakers for your home theater room, you can be sure that you will not have the impression of the home theater in your house. That is why you need to make sure that you choose the best speakers with these tips and tricks below.

For your information, when you are choosing the speakers, there are two main things that you need to highlight. The first one is the size and quality. The second one is the placement. For the first one, you have to admit that a good quality speaker is something a bit expensive. Even though, this is the speaker that you need to get. That is because if you invest your money on the good quality speakers, you do not need to worry about maintenance in a short time. The condition will stay good in a long time. As an addition to that, you need to also choose the proper size based on the size of the home theater room. If your home theater room is less than 200 square feet, the small or medium speakers are enough. However, if your home theater room is larger than 300 square feet, you need the larger speakers.

Going to the placement, you need to distribute the speakers evenly. That means you need the minimum of four speakers that you need to place on every corner of the room. To make it better, you can place some other small speakers to give the better sound quality on each directions. This will surely give you the amazing home theater experience. So, are you ready to get the speakers for your home theater room?

Best Location for Best Theater Watching Experience

Best Location for Best Theater Watching Experience

Many people agree that to get the best experience when you watch inside the theater, you need the find the best spot to sit. That is because when you are watching an act, you need to know make sure that the sound is not too loud or too soft. As an addition to that, you need to also choose the best seat so that you can see the actors and the actress. If you cannot see their face, you will not be able to see their real expression. That is why finding the best spot to sit is something quite necessary. If you cannot find the best seat to sit, you need to simply think about the centre of the seats. Yes, this is the best place to sit inside the theater. Here are the reasons why you need to choose to sit around the centre of the theater.

Judging from the sound factor, you can be sure that the sound will be perfect. That is because you will not get the loud and noisy sound from the front area near the stage as if you sit on the front rows. The opposite is something that you will get if you sit on the back rows. You will mostly get the soft sound if you sit on the back rows because of the lack of sound outputs there. If there is any, you will end up as if sitting on the front rows with a lot of noise.

Going to the visual factor, actually the front rows are the best seats where you can sit. However, you need to also think about the shape of the theater itself. If you have to sit on the declining seats, the front rows are not that good. It is because you have to watch it by looking up to the stage. However, if the seats are equal in term of height, this will be the perfect spot to watch the act. As an addition to that, you can see the facial expressions of the actors and actress in detail because you are quite close to them.

From those two factors above, you will learn how to find the best seat to sit inside the theater. This way, you will be able to get the better theater watching experience like nothing else. So, choose your seat wisely or you will not get the best theater watching experiences.

Tips to Get the Best Ticket in Movie Theater

Tips to Get the Best Ticket in Movie Theater

You have to admit that center area is the perfect spot to sit in a movie theater. The air conditioning is not too cold. The sound is just perfect for your hearing. The view is also something great because the screen is on the equal horizon as your eyes. That is why a lot of people are into the center seats when they want to watch in a movie theater. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who did not get the spot that they want because of many reasons. If you want to get the ticket for the best spot in a movie theater, there are tips that you can try.

The first tip is booking the ticker earlier. This is the most common thing to do. That is because you can book the ticket early on the same day. However, there is one thing that many people missed. There are some theaters that will let you book the ticket 24-hour advance. That means if you want to watch a movie of 10 pm tomorrow, you can book the ticket at 10 pm today. Keep that in your mind.

Tips to Get the Best Ticket in Movie Theater

The next tip that you can try is getting the ticket from online booking website. When you are buying the ticket from the ticket counter, you have to queue. However, this is not going to happen if you buy the ticket at. That is because you can choose the seat on your own and the time when the movie will start. However, you need to do the payment as soon as possible. That is because you will be given the limited time to do the payment. Or else, the ticket that you order online will be canceled automatically. So, make sure you pay the ticket as soon as you book it online to get the best seat in a movie theater.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Best Theaters in United States You Need to Visit

Theater is a great place to watch many different performances. Even though most of them are related with the act, the theater still has a lot of fans. This is why a lot of people are going to the theater. For your information, United States is not the house of theater. Yet, there are some great theaters in United States worth to visit. As a matter of fact, a lot of people around the world visited United States just to watch an act in those theaters. If you are interested, here are those theaters.

The first one is Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. This theater is one of the greatest things that you can find in Kansas City. Some people said that this theater is adopting the overall design based on the Theater House in Australia. Of course, there are some modifications to the concept that this theater applied. As the result, the layered roof is becoming the icon of this theater that you can find in Kansas City. The next one is Central City Opera House that you can find in Colorado. From the outside, you will notice this opera house is like an old apartment building. There are not many people who realized this building as an opera house, unless if they see the opera house plank on the top area of this building. However, that is one thing that becomes the icon of this opera house.

The third one is Radio City Music Hall. This is one of the most modern opera house concept that you can find in United States. The reason might be caused by the location of this opera house in New York. For your information, the architecture of this opera house is considered as one of the greatest that you can find in United States. The last one is Schermerhorn Symphony Center. This opera house is usually used for the musical performance. Even though, there are some times when this opera house is used for the act performance. This opera house is the real representation of the modern opera house. That is because the overall design of this opera house is quite similar with many opera houses that you can find in Italy. Yet, the color combination is set to fit the modern design better. That is why a lot of people consider this opera house as the representatives of the modern opera house.

How to Find the Best Seat in Theatre

How to Find the Best Seat in Theatre

In many cases, you are able to choose the seat to sit inside the theatre, especially if you are watching movie with less visitors. Unfortunately, there are times when you are not able to choose the seat because of the great interest of people for some certain movie. As the result, you can only choose the leftover seats for the movie that you want to watch. If you still have the chance to choose the seat for your next movie, you might want to try these tips below. Based o PBN HQ, there are some tips that you can try to find the best seat to sit inside the theatre.

How to Find the Best Seat in Theatree

Here are some of those tips from that you need to try :
The first one is choosing the front row if you want to see it in detail. This is something that many people have learned. That is because the closer your seat to the screen, the better your view will be. However, it is not recommended for you to choose the first three rows from the front. That is because your position will be on the lowest line of the screen. This way, you will not be able to get the best movie watching experience that you are looking for. The second tip is going to the centre. This one is basically a bit similar with the first tip. That is because if you are choosing the left or right wing of the theatre, you might find it hard to watch the movie properly. It is like your point of view has been aligned to the side of the screen. This is why it is better for you to find the seat on the centre of the theatre. It does not matter if you do not know the people next to you because you will be surrounded if you are sitting on the centre of the theatre.

How to Find the Best Seat in Theatree

The last one is to skip the highest seat on the back. This one is the last tips that you need to remember because sitting on the back seats is not good at all. Of course, if you are thinking about making out, this might be the best place to sit. However, you will get a lot of distractions from people moving below you, which can be quite annoying when you are watching the movie. As an addition to that, the screen will look very small.

Antonio Belloni Theatre

Some of the Smallest Theatres in the World

Theatre is the place for many people to watch acts or movies. That is why the size of the theatre needs to be large. However, it turned out that there are some theatres in the world that are known for its small size. Yes, these theatres are considered as some of the smallest theatres that you can find in the world. If you are interested, here are some of those names that you can find as some of the smallest theatres in the world.

The first one is Valvasone Theatre. This theatre is located in Italy as one of the countries that can be considered as the house of theatre itself. This theatre was built in 18th century. Even though this theatre is owned privately by a family named Valvasone, the theatre has been known throughout Italy as one of the best theatres that you can find in Italy. As an addition to that, the design of this theatre is also considered as something grand and luxurious. To make it even better, the major renovation of this theatre is prohibited by this family. That is because they want to keep the look of this theatre as it used to be.

The second one is Antonio Belloni Theatre. This place is a bit bigger compared with the first one. That is because the overall layout of this place is very similar with many other theatres in the world. That means you will also have some rooms for special guests on the sides of the theatre. Even though, the capacity of this theatre is quite small because this theatre can only accommodate the maximum number of 150 visitor. The special guests have been included there. Fortunately, the overall design of this theatre is very great. As a matter of fact, you can say that this theatre has the grand design similar with many other grand theatres in Italy.

The last one is Teatro della Concordia. This might be one of the smallest theatres that you can find in the world. That is because this theatre can only accommodate the maximum of 50 people. You can add few more special guests if you want. For your information, even though this theatre is very small, the theatre will always have some visitors when there is a new act to be performed. That is why a lot of people still recognized this smallest theatre as one nice theatre to watch some acts.

Movie Theatre is Still Preferred

Why Watching in Movie Theatre is Still Preferred

On this modern times, you can do almost everything that you want through the internet. One of them is watching the latest movies through your personal gadget. By paying for few dollars, you can easily watch almost all of the new movies on the theatre from your gadget. This one is of course something cheaper compared with the budget that you need to spend from watching the movie on the theatre. However, based on the PBN HQ, there are some reasons why the theatre still has its own visitors. These are also the reasons why there are still a lot of people who prefer to watch the movie on the theatre rather than on their gadget. Here are those reasons.

For the start, it is because of the large screen. Yes, this is something that you will only get if you are watching the movie at the theatre. It is true that there are some rich people who have their own personal theatre room inside the house. However, the size is still a bit limited. There is nothing like the gigantic screen such as the one that you can find on the theatre. Because of that reason, if you are in love with the giant screen, you will need to watch the movie at the theatre. The second reason is because of the focus. The focus means that you will not be distracted when you are watching the movie at the theatre. This one is because the theatre is set to give you and the best movie watching experience. This way, you will be able to focus watching the movie inside the theatre. As a matter of fact, you can complain if there are any distractions inside the theatre. This one is mostly done to people who are using their phone with bright screen. This one is quite annoying sometimes.

The last one is the emotional experience. Many people cried when they watch something sad and touch their heart. If you have ever experienced this kind of thing, you will notice that the theatre can give you the more emotional experience. That is because you can stay focus on the storyline. As an addition to that, the sound effect inside the theatre is one thing that will give you the more emotional experience that you might have never felt before. With all of those things above, it is not a question anymore why people are still going to the theatre.

Hollywood and Bollywood

See Details of Two Most Popular Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Industries In The World

Watching movies can be your best thing to have a proper manner of spending your spare time. There are two main f industries in the world which can make their mark on the international scale. Those are Hollywood and Bollywood which have been existing for several years. They may compete with each other and sometimes collaborate in making in the movie. And, do you know the key differences between Hollywood and Bollywood? Here some information about Bollywood and Hollywood that you may never knew. Let’s find out below!

Generally, Hollywood is very popular as the cinema of the United States as the main film industry in the United States and in the world. Most of the movies use the English language which is meant for all English speaking countries. However, this film industry also uses different language sometimes for giving a fresh air and variation. Unlike the Bollywood film industry, it still has music and scores in the film but there are often no dance numbers in particular. In Hollywood, there are six main studios in order to make the movie. There are also several types of sets which is included for several movies needed. Meanwhile, the Bollywood sounds more different than Hollywood.

You may notice that Bollywood movies have music along with dances and songs. This film industry takes place for the first time in Bombay (Mumbai). Mostly, Bollywood movies use Hindi language and sometimes they also use foreign languages like English. Do you know that some of the movies are adapted from the Hollywood and even copied in the Hindi language? These Indian movies seem to gain the popularity at because of the lack of piracy laws in the countries.

Between various film industries in the world, Hollywood is the first and highest earning industry in the world. Besides, Bollywood is remaining in the next position as the second most earning film industry. You are very familiar with the Hollywood actors and actresses such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Nicole Kidman. Besides, you may also notice that few Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. If you have watched the movie entitled “My Name Is Khan”. Those two famous Bollywood stars participate in that Hollywood movie. In the end, watching movies become a habit for most of the people to enjoy their time. There is no one which is bad or good. Those film industries have different details which make them special.

The Best Seats In Movie Theater

The Best Seats In Movie Theater and How To Get Them

Have you ever experienced some aches around your neck after watching a movie in the cinema? It can be caused the seat that you choose whether too close or too far. Actually, all the seats in movie halls are not created equally. Some parts of movie seats are better than others. Here are tips to find out the best seat for the best experience in watching the movie. There will be some tips to increase your possibility to get the seat.

In order to get the best seat for best sound and visuals. You can pick the seat in the center of two-thirds back. This location is recommended for those who are looking for best sound quality. According to some experts, you are suggested to sit slightly off center to amplify the effect of the sounds. In this position, you will experience the sharper sound and get the full effect. Next, if you want to get the best viewing angle.

Every theater has a position where the best viewing angle will be amazing. In standard viewing angle, it takes in 36 degrees from the farthest seats in the movie halls to sit on. And, based on The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the vertical line of the audiences should not be more than 35 degrees from the horizontal line to the top of the screen. And the ideal sight line takes 15 degrees beneath the horizontal center line in order to get the best angles.

Those seats will be sold out quickly, so you will need some tips to increase your chance. First, you can buy the ticket online, it saves your time and energy to a long queue. We suggest you watch the movie on the Monday and Wednesday. Those two weekdays have the lowest traffic and best time for you to avoid the crowds. And you may go earlier if you directly buy the ticket in the movie locket.

Shocking Secrets In A Movie Theater

Shocking Secrets In A Movie Theater You Did Not Know

Do you know that many things in the cinema are quite strange for you? Like the price of the foods and beverages which is much higher than your ticket price, and others. We would like secrets in the movie cinema that is hiding from you and you should know it!

Due to the tight time shift, the cleaning workers may not properly clean the movie halls. That is why you may sit on a seat which is dirty and smells bad. For the information, all the movie halls cleaners are sweeping the floors and cleaning your seats carelessly because of the tight timings between the movie. Commonly, the movie halls will be cleaned properly at the night. Next, you better leave your cups and popcorn box on your seats. This can help the cleaners easily collect your trash after the movie is over. If you want to buy popcorn in the cinema, you will realize that the prices are extremely overpriced. The price of 10.5 oz of popcorn is more expensive than a good quality of steak in the same weight. You also need to pay $8 per box in the USA. Wow!

Loud of noises in the movie halls can damage your hearing. Despite the truth of audio system standard and volume requirements exists. But, some of the big screens regulate their own rules. You should aware when watching action or horror movies which have very loud noises which can damage your hearing. It is suggested by us that do not too often watch the movies in the cinema. No one can resist the mouthwatering smells of popcorn. The cinema uses some special recipes to create a great scent. The popcorn that is sold by the theater workers is not always fresh. They say that they store the popcorn that is not sold at night in plastics bags and heating it up and selling in the next day.

Spectacular Movie Theater

Spectacular Movie Theater Around The World You Should Attend Once In Your Lifetime

Looking for the different experience in watching a movie in the theater? Various countries have so many unique and amazing place to enjoy the movie. These places to enjoy your favorite movie will make your movie time worth to do! Here is the list of unique and coolest movie cinema around the world you should come before you die.

If you want to watch a movie in an open space. Greece will be your right country to enjoy various unique outdoor movie theaters which are commonly held in the summer season and open from April to October. The Cine Thisio outdoor theater is a beautiful open space movie cinema with a spectacular view as Cine Thisio. The Acropolis and the Parthenon will be your best place to sit on top. The night is the best time to spend the night with watching the movie from classic to first-released movies. Having hot tub while watching the movie is a thing can do in Hot Tub Cinema. You will watch the movie from your hot tub and it is the perfect way to relax and absorb new energy. You can easily find this extraordinary cinema in London as the place this idea was born. Sounds interesting, right?

If you are the big fans of Bollywood movies, you should come to the origin of the movies. Raj Mandir Theatre, Jaipur, India will be the perfect place to enjoy the ultimate Bollywood experience. You will be offered with three-hour Hindi movies with the national anthem at the beginning. In addition, Raj Mandir is the main landscape of the beautiful city, Jaipur. The theater has its pink color Art Deco exterior which is made of asymmetrical shapes. made up of asymmetrical and waves shapes with its pink color Aer Dexo. So, which one if your favorite one?

Theatre Makes Your Life Better

4 Reasons Why Theatre Makes Your Life Better

No one who does not love watching movies in the theater. As your best way to watch your very up-to-date movie, and to spend your time with friends, families, or boyfriend and girlfriends. You may not think that watching a movie in the theater can give you lots of positive vibes. In fact, watching movies in the theater also can contribute to making your life get better. So, here is the reasons why theater makes our life seems to be better? Let’s check it out.

Watching theater means not to harm you. This human activity ensures you will hurt and to be hurt by something or someone. So, when we have more times to attend the theater, we will get a good energy and devote the arts or the theaters better. Attending or making theater makes us more humans. It is an expression of our basic human needs. We know it as an instinct in order to create stories into others and our lives. As you know that theatre is the evidence of the oldest human societies history before the Western theater in Ancient Greece.

The next reason why theater help to make our lives better because it can bring people together. Theater matters for our life society. In the era of the communication happens in the front of the screen. Attending theater and see the performance will maintain the relationship of the neighborhood.

As you know, for one performance to happen, there should be together couples of the people in hours. And you will share and witness a moment that may be funny, heartwarming, thought-provoking or beautiful. Attending the theater will help to improve our quality of education and literacy. Watching the performance will require sharp attention, language skills, as well as mental shifts. Besides, the student who is participating in the theater will do better in schools.

Romeo and Juliet

The Best Theater Drama Play on this world

Since long time ago, theater performance has become one of the art of interest. Usually theater performance are displayed in a special building that has been designed in such a way. The theater building is well designed to support the performance of the actors and actresses.

There are various kinds of theater drama stories that are usually displayed in a performance. Surely every drama has its own story and message. Some theater dramas have been shown repeatedly but can still attract the attention of the audience. If you are curious about some of the best and famous theater drama around the world, then here are some of the most famous theater drama titles in the world.

The list of Famous Theater Drama Play all over the world

1. Romeo and Juliet

It seems that this classic story is known by everyone. Romeo and Juliet is a story by William Shakespeare about lovers who fall in love but come from different social classes. Relationships between lovers also become hindered because the two families are hostile to each other. This Romeo and Juliet story was also filmed in 1996 and acted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Clarie Danes that got a lot of fans

2. Hamlet

Another theater work owned by William Shakespeare that has also been worldwide. Hamlet is a theater drama with the genre of tragedy written by Shakespeare in 1599 – 1601. This drama tells the story of a king from Denmark who died mysteriously. The widow of the king later married his brother. The king’s spirit began to haunt the royal palace. Afterwards, the child named Hamlet began to get mystical vision and intended to uncover the secret of his father’s death.

A Streetcar Named Desire

3. A Streetcar Named Desire

This theater drama is called the best theater drama in history. Tells about wealthy families with false inheritance. The complicated conflict makes every family member to argue. Dialogues in the film are real enough and are very close to everyday life.

4. Death of Salesman

This one drama appeared in 1949 and became the best drama ever shown at Broadway Theater, New York. The story in this drama is taken from a novel of the same name, written by Arthur Miller. Death of Salesman tells the story of a father who gets inspiration through his dream, that a salesman is the best and noblest job. This father named Willy then tried to convince his children to become reliable salesmen.

5. Fences

This theater drama appeared in 1985. At the beginning of its appearance, the drama was able to win many awards as the best theater drama. The theme carried is quite interesting, namely related to racism. Fences tells the story of an African-American who gets racist treatment and tries to escape the conflict.

The History of Theater in Broadway Will Blow Your Mind

The History of Theater in Broadway Will Blow Your Mind

Everybody loves Broadway that is the best place to see live theater performance in New York City. But, how far do you know the history of the theater on Broadway? Generally, Broadway is known as the simple of Broadway theater. It refers to 40 theaters and performances in New York City. Most of the theaters are located in the Theater District near the “Great White Way”. The performances here are considered as theatrical performances which are widely recognized around the world. This is the most reputable and prestigious theater which also has its own awards known the Tony Awards. This live theater has its own long history which reflects some huge changes and growth in the movie industry.

The Elves theater ran for 50 performances at that time. And, the Black Crook was the first live musicals performances in 1866. The Black Crook also ran for 474 performances. Next, the early theater in Broadway Theatre in 1899 was the Victoria Theater which was located on 42nd street. During this century, many performances were a definition of a true theatrical performance. In 1920 to 1939 the Broadway theater was spread away as far as Times Square. In addition, the Motion pictures are one of the biggest threats to the Broadway. In this time, most of the theaters were converted into movie houses. And the busiest seasons of production in Broadway is during the 1927 – 1928.

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night DreamIn 1960, the cultural changes which affected the theater at that time. And some of the areas in Time Square were declined which contributed to so some problems. Nowadays, there are historical and old theaters which can survive in this era. The Lyceum Theater is the oldest surviving theater on the Broadway which is built in 1903. Cohan Statue has three floors and 950 seats and has small halls. This is the first landmark theater which earns the designation. One of the historical and oldest theater on Broadway is The New Amsterdam Theater. The theater was opened with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night Dream in 1903. You will also see The famous statue of Broadway legend George M. Cohan with the words “Give My Regards to Broadway”. This bronze legend statue is located at Duffy Square. So, that is the brief story of Broadway as the most famous live performance in the world. Seeing the fascinating performances on Broadway theater is all dreams of the players all around the world.

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Live Theater Once In A Lifetime

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Live Theater Once In A LifetimeSpending your time by watching a movie in the movie cinema can be a good deal of holidays. Having a movie time in the cinema will let you experience unexpected cinematic experiences. The feeling will be different, it won’t be similar to when you watch the movie at home or anywhere. But, have you ever watched a live performance in the live theater like Broadway theater? If you have not, you should come once before you die. We will tell you the reasons why you should go to the theater! Let’s check it out!

You will experience unique and unforgettable moments. When you decide to watch the live performance, you will see different actors and actresses on the stage, moving, talking, dancing or even singing. This will completely different performance from nowhere. In addition, there will be some mistakes on the stages. We should know that we are all human who sometimes makes mistakes. Those things will happen and good live performance will overcome any errors and go with the flow. Watching the live performance let you get a special energy which you actually feel even you just see it. So, you have to be concentrate to not miss a thing. In fact, the moment will be repeated and that was the priceless experience.

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Live Theater Once In A LifetimeSeeing the performance in the theater will let your brain work out! It will let you feel and think to figure something out and jog the special memory. Besides, the theater will lead to the improvement of human literacy and education which you can observe from the characters on the stages. The active theater will also contribute to the economy, the more audience to come, the higher possibilities to grow up businesses like coffee shops, local restaurants or anything. Attending to the live performance means you will be a witness to a collaborative effort from the characters, costumes, sets, lights, and sounds which all are prepared for weeks or months. It is the best moment ever to witness the unique and unrepeated moment. The more you visit the theater, it means you help the theater to survive. Bring your families, your kids to the theater can contribute to the future of the theater, the directors, actors, playwrights and other professional aspects on it. So, why do not you come to the theater now? The performance will bring togetherness of witnessing something that is unique, funny, or something that us a bit of escapism, you may not find anywhere.

Tips For You Want To Take Your Kids To Theater For The First Time

Tips For You Want To Take Your Kids To Theater For The First TimeWatching a movie in the theater will give you a best cinematic experience ever. You will also have a different experience which you do not get if you watch the movies in your home. And, giving your kids trips to the theater will be a treat or maybe a disaster. But, if you bring your kids to the multiplex for the first time. Here are the tips which may be useful for you.

The first thing you should do before bringing your kids to the theater, you should know and determine whether your kids are really ready or not. And, you should know what is the right age to take your kids to the movie? Mostly, the age between 3 to 4 years may be the best time to watch their first movie. But, it depends on you and your kids. And if your kids are 3 or 4 and ready for their first movie, you can go for it. Besides, some of the parents wait for their kids until they are a little bit older especially if they may be afraid of the dark and may have a sensitivity to loud noises. Choosing the right movie is the second tips for taking your kids to the theater. You can go with something kids-friendly movies like animation. In addition, you may need also take shorter time and a slow-paced than the average blockbuster. In fact, those movies are not commonly played in the mall theater. Keep your eye for some special screenings events in order to get the right movie for your kids.

Before watching cinema you can check movie schedule so you will ready to take your kids to the theater, make sure that you skip movie trailers. Besides, trailers have faster-paced and louder content which may be a scary introduction for your kids to take the first trip to the theater. Now, you should plan it as well as you can. You as the elder people should give and teach your kids some theater etiquette like no device and no talking. You should also make sure that your kids are well fed and decide ahead of time if you will be having popcorn or candy. Do not forget to buy water too because popcorn is salty. Last, you do not want to see your kids crying or screaming and think you are wasting your time. Do not force your kids to do what they do not want to do. Just follow what they want.

Nicole Kidman

Broadway Artists Become Hollywood Artists

Are you familiar with Broadway theatre? Well, it is a famous American professional theatre which is produced more money from the actors, staffs, and anyone who involved to this theatre. You may see this theatre on America while you are visiting that country and see how wonderful the show is! You will not feel so regret after you see this theatre because the actors can play perfectly to bring the show is coming to real one. Well, maybe some of you don’t get familiar on Broadway but you may know about the Hollywood movies, don’t you? Hollywood is the American movies with brilliant special effects which make many fans of this movie are waiting for the latest movie one.

Broadway is a theatre which makes the actors should play in the perfect way and you can see them on the theatre building while Hollywood is a movie which you can see on TV and you can watch it over time. If we are talking about the Broadway and Hollywood, you need to know that some of the artists on Hollywood had performing on the Broadway theatre. They had performed on some shows before getting famous on the Hollywood one. Many of them are playing their first debut on the theatre. Do you know who are they? They are:

Nicole Kidman. Before getting famous from her acting on The Hours and Moulin Rouge and she won the Oscar, she had performed on Broadway in 1998 with the story of The Blue Room.

Hugh Jackman. Before getting famous from his acting on Wolverine, he had performed on Broadway for many times. He was played The Boy from Oz in 2004 and won the Tony award, then he came back to play the show of A Steady Rain on 2009.

Katie Holmes. Before getting famous from her acting on Batman Begins and Dawson’s Creek, she had performed on Broadway with the title of All My Sons in 2008 and also Dead Accounts on 2012.

Daniel Craig. Who doesn’t know the James Bond character? Yaps, he is getting famous from his acting as the James Bond. Before it, he had performed on Broadway together with Hugh Jackman performing A Steady Rain in 2009 and performed Betrayal in 2013 with his wife, Rachel Weisz.

Alicia Silvertone. She has success in playing the character, Cher, on the Clueless. However, you need to know that she had much experience on Broadway theatre. There are many titles which she had performed like The Graduate, The Performers, and Time Stands Still in 2003.

Those are the lists of Broadway artists who become the Hollywood artists today. They have much best experience in performing the shows in this theatre. Thus, you will not get surprise while seeing how they act perfectly in the Hollywood movie because they have performed on the Broadway Theater which forces the actor to act perfect in every show. If you want to see the Broadway, just come to the theatre building and make sure you got the ticket. And many gamblers are fans of the stars.

Theatre in Sydney

Reasons to Go to Theatre

Nowadays, theatre is getting fade because there is a movie which replaces the theatre itself. Even though the existence of theatre is going down, in some countries, the theatre still does exist and play the show perfectly. Do you have to go to the theatre in your whole life? Well, seeing the theatre is not as bad as what you think because you can get more values like what you get from watching the movie itself. And one for sure, many gamblers of the poker like to watch any theather show.

If you don’t have to go to the theatre, you need to try it once or twice or more in your life. By seeing the theatre, you can feel more the differences between seeing the theatre and read the books as well as watching the movies. There are many reasons you need to know while you want to see the shows. The main reasons why you need to go to the theatre are:

You need to know while you are watching the movies or read the books, you can do it alone. However, if you are seeing the theatre, you can see it together with many people. There, you can ask your friends to see the shows together or you can get a new friend who likes to see the theatre as what you do. Besides, you also can get socialize with other people on the building theatre and you will get more friends from it. You have to know that some of the families see the theatre once a year as their tradition activities and perhaps you can do it too.


The theatre also can be the best way for you to relax and enjoy your free day. By seeing the theatre, you can see how good the show is and you just have to enjoy the shows without thinking about anything else. If you usually do reading books or watching the movies, you can try to see the theatre and get more alive from the shows.

You can see how perfect the actors are while performing the shows on the stage. You can get the best feelings ever when they want to show you about the story. You can get sad, happy, joy, or many feelings because the actors can bring the audience to feel what they feel and it will feel more alive than you just watch the movie.

If you are the one who like art activities, you need to know that the theatre is one of art which you can enjoy it well. You also can appreciate the dedication and hard work of the actors, production staff, set designers, directors, and much more which bring the amazing shows every time.

Those are the main reasons why you need to go to the theatre and see it in the best way. You should try to see it once or more in your whole life and you can feel that the theatre is more alive then what you read from the books or what you watch from the movie. And the reasons also become what to consider to watch theather shows.

Hollywood and Broadway

Differences between Hollywood and Broadway

Theatre and movie are two different things which have the same goal which is to entertain the audience with their shows. However, even if both have the same goal, you need to know well that each of them has its different things which you need to know. This case, we will talk about the differences between Hollywood and Broadway. As we know, Hollywood has many brilliant movie collections with tons of best special effects which make the movie looks better than the other international film. There are many fans of Hollywood movies that always wait for the latest movie ever. Besides the Hollywood, there is also the Broadway theatres which can make you get the best shows you have ever seen. And the shows are also liked by bettors from the agen Sbobet

Well, maybe just some of you who know well about the Broadway. It is the popular American theatre which you can see even if you are not American. You may not get what you expect like the Hollywood movie because this is a theatre, not the movie. There are some main differences you need to know about them. They are:
The feeling that you get while watching the Hollywood movie and theatre. In the Hollywood movie, you will get so excited because there are many special effects which create the movie look more alive and you can get many sci-fi genres with magic things on it. While you are seeing the shows of theatre, you don’t expect the special effects like what you get from the Hollywood movie. The theatre also just shows about the musical drama, and much more. However, if you watch the theatre, you will get more feelings on it because it can feel so alive than reading books or movies.

Broadway stage

The place. For watching the Hollywood movies, you just have to see on the TV over and over. But, if you want to see the theatre, you need to wait when the theatre will show, buy the ticket, and go to theatre building.

The actors. While the actors play the Hollywood movie, we have no idea whether the actors act perfectly or not because there are many special effects which create the actors look great. When you are seeing the theatre, there is no mistake for the actors while act in the stage. They should act perfectly because it can make a huge impact toward the shows ends itself. It is also the main things whether the actors can bring the audience feel about what they want to show or not. You also need to know that while seeing the theatre, you will not get the same feelings as what you have seen before. Every show has its own different feelings whether it is the same story like what you’ve ever seen or not.

Those are the main differences between Hollywood and Broadway you need to know. You will not get the same things if you see the theatre as what you get from the Hollywood movie. Thus, you know understand why you need to go to see the theatre well. One thing to note, gamblers like what Broadways and Hollywoods have to offer.