Theater Scriptwriter Tips: How to Make a Good Drama Script

Theater Scriptwriter Tips: How to Make a Good Drama Script

Theater Scriptwriter Tips: How to Make a Good Drama Script – Script is one of the important components in the world of theater. The script is the life of a drama. Being a theater scriptwriter is a difficult but easy job. A scriptwriter must have high imagination and creativity. The process of making a movie scenario is actually difficult and easy and requires not a little time. To produce a mature scenario, a writer can spend 3-5 months. Here are ways to produce a good play for the writer. The first is to determine story ideas or themes, if you make a theater not based on a book you have to determine the story idea yourself. Make a story idea as attractive as possible that can make your theater interesting to watch, for example lovers who love each other but obstructed by religion. Then formulate the script, in this framework you have to make a series of story ideas, arranged so that the story you make is not chaotic.

Then make a plot / storyline. The next step is to make a plot or storyline. Make an interesting storyline from the beginning of the story, mid story and the end of the story. If you have found the drama’s storyline, you will indirectly find a problem that will be the main topic in the theater. Here you can arrange the initial problem, the peak of the problem and the ending or resolution of the problem. Determining the settings is also very necessary in the theater, where the theater will hold also should be a consideration in order to facilitate the process of taking pictures and equipment. The next step is to determine the character of each character. This process should explain clearly about the character of each character that will be included in your story.

Every theater script must have a core problem discussed. For more about online theater script you can check at in here you have to make the problem as interesting as possible, if you can make the problem as real as possible which usually happens in everyday life so that the audience can easily enter the stories in the theater. In this process, it is important for you to determine who you want to be in the theater you are making, for children, adolescents, adults or families. Then lastly, you have to be confident that your written script will be successful and memorable for the audience, because with you confidence and positive thinking everything will go along with your wishes because your success depends on what you think.

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

It is not a secret that the War Memorial Art Center is one of the biggest attractions in San Francisco. Even though, you have to admit that there is another great attraction in San Francisco. It is the War Memorial Opera House. The name is derived from the First World War. That is why this opera house is attracting a lot of attention from many people in the area of California. Yes, this opera house is not only a place to watch some operas, but also the a monument to remind the event of the First World War.

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This opera house is a real greatness of opera house, at least on the area of California. That is because this opera house is a real art from a great architect named Arthur Brown. For your information, he is the one who designed the San Francisco City Hall. That is why the starting sketch of this opera house that was built in 1932 is considered as one of those masterpieces of this architect.

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

If you are taking a closer look at the building, this opera house is a real modernity on its time, around 1930s. You can see that and compare the overall design of this opera house with many other buildings around that time. As an addition to that, the inner parts of this opera house are also considered as something simple yet grand. The grand columns with the extra ornaments to give the details inside this opera house are something that you should never miss. To make it better, the height of the ceiling was made about 38 feet. This is one of those things that give you the grand impression from this opera house. With all of those things, it is a common thing to say that War Memorial Opera House is one of the best opera house in California.

The History of Theater in Broadway Will Blow Your Mind

The History of Theater in Broadway Will Blow Your Mind

Everybody loves Broadway that is the best place to see live theater performance in New York City. But, how far do you know the history of the theater on Broadway? Generally, Broadway is known as the simple of Broadway theater. It refers to 40 theaters and performances in New York City. Most of the theaters are located in the Theater District near the “Great White Way”. The performances here are considered as theatrical performances which are widely recognized around the world. This is the most reputable and prestigious theater which also has its own awards known the Tony Awards. This live theater has its own long history which reflects some huge changes and growth in the movie industry.

The Elves theater ran for 50 performances at that time. And, the Black Crook was the first live musicals performances in 1866. The Black Crook also ran for 474 performances. Next, the early theater in Broadway Theatre in 1899 was the Victoria Theater which was located on 42nd street. During this century, many performances were a definition of a true theatrical performance. In 1920 to 1939 the Broadway theater was spread away as far as Times Square. In addition, the Motion pictures are one of the biggest threats to the Broadway. In this time, most of the theaters were converted into movie houses. And the busiest seasons of production in Broadway is during the 1927 – 1928.

Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night DreamIn 1960, the cultural changes which affected the theater at that time. And some of the areas in Time Square were declined which contributed to so some problems. Nowadays, there are historical and old theaters which can survive in this era. The Lyceum Theater is the oldest surviving theater on the Broadway which is built in 1903. Cohan Statue has three floors and 950 seats and has small halls. This is the first landmark theater which earns the designation. One of the historical and oldest theater on Broadway is The New Amsterdam Theater. The theater was opened with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night Dream in 1903. You will also see The famous statue of Broadway legend George M. Cohan with the words “Give My Regards to Broadway”. This bronze legend statue is located at Duffy Square. So, that is the brief story of Broadway as the most famous live performance in the world. Seeing the fascinating performances on Broadway theater is all dreams of the players all around the world.

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Live Theater Once In A Lifetime

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Live Theater Once In A LifetimeSpending your time by watching a movie in the movie cinema can be a good deal of holidays. Having a movie time in the cinema will let you experience unexpected cinematic experiences. The feeling will be different, it won’t be similar to when you watch the movie at home or anywhere. But, have you ever watched a live performance in the live theater like Broadway theater? If you have not, you should come once before you die. We will tell you the reasons why you should go to the theater! Let’s check it out!

You will experience unique and unforgettable moments. When you decide to watch the live performance, you will see different actors and actresses on the stage, moving, talking, dancing or even singing. This will completely different performance from nowhere. In addition, there will be some mistakes on the stages. We should know that we are all human who sometimes makes mistakes. Those things will happen and good live performance will overcome any errors and go with the flow. Watching the live performance let you get a special energy which you actually feel even you just see it. So, you have to be concentrate to not miss a thing. In fact, the moment will be repeated and that was the priceless experience.

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Go To Live Theater Once In A LifetimeSeeing the performance in the theater will let your brain work out! It will let you feel and think to figure something out and jog the special memory. Besides, the theater will lead to the improvement of human literacy and education which you can observe from the characters on the stages. The active theater will also contribute to the economy, the more audience to come, the higher possibilities to grow up businesses like coffee shops, local restaurants or anything. Attending to the live performance means you will be a witness to a collaborative effort from the characters, costumes, sets, lights, and sounds which all are prepared for weeks or months. It is the best moment ever to witness the unique and unrepeated moment. The more you visit the theater, it means you help the theater to survive. Bring your families, your kids to the theater can contribute to the future of the theater, the directors, actors, playwrights and other professional aspects on it. So, why do not you come to the theater now? The performance will bring togetherness of witnessing something that is unique, funny, or something that us a bit of escapism, you may not find anywhere.

Nicole Kidman

Broadway Artists Become Hollywood Artists

Are you familiar with Broadway theatre? Well, it is a famous American professional theatre which is produced more money from the actors, staffs, and anyone who involved to this theatre. You may see this theatre on America while you are visiting that country and see how wonderful the show is! You will not feel so regret after you see this theatre because the actors can play perfectly to bring the show is coming to real one. Well, maybe some of you don’t get familiar on Broadway but you may know about the Hollywood movies, don’t you? Hollywood is the American movies with brilliant special effects which make many fans of this movie are waiting for the latest movie one.

Broadway is a theatre which makes the actors should play in the perfect way and you can see them on the theatre building while Hollywood is a movie which you can see on TV and you can watch it over time. If we are talking about the Broadway and Hollywood, you need to know that some of the artists on Hollywood had performing on the Broadway theatre. They had performed on some shows before getting famous on the Hollywood one. Many of them are playing their first debut on the theatre. Do you know who are they? They are:

Nicole Kidman. Before getting famous from her acting on The Hours and Moulin Rouge and she won the Oscar, she had performed on Broadway in 1998 with the story of The Blue Room.

Hugh Jackman. Before getting famous from his acting on Wolverine, he had performed on Broadway for many times. He was played The Boy from Oz in 2004 and won the Tony award, then he came back to play the show of A Steady Rain on 2009.

Katie Holmes. Before getting famous from her acting on Batman Begins and Dawson’s Creek, she had performed on Broadway with the title of All My Sons in 2008 and also Dead Accounts on 2012.

Daniel Craig. Who doesn’t know the James Bond character? Yaps, he is getting famous from his acting as the James Bond. Before it, he had performed on Broadway together with Hugh Jackman performing A Steady Rain in 2009 and performed Betrayal in 2013 with his wife, Rachel Weisz.

Alicia Silvertone. She has success in playing the character, Cher, on the Clueless. However, you need to know that she had much experience on Broadway theatre. There are many titles which she had performed like The Graduate, The Performers, and Time Stands Still in 2003.

Those are the lists of Broadway artists who become the Hollywood artists today. They have much best experience in performing the shows in this theatre. Thus, you will not get surprise while seeing how they act perfectly in the Hollywood movie because they have performed on the Broadway Theater which forces the actor to act perfect in every show. If you want to see the Broadway, just come to the theatre building and make sure you got the ticket. And many gamblers are fans of the stars.