Romeo and Juliet

Since long time ago, theater performance has become one of the art of interest. Usually theater performance are displayed in a special building that has been designed in such a way. The theater building is well designed to support the performance of the actors and actresses.

There are various kinds of theater drama stories that are usually displayed in a performance. Surely every drama has its own story and message. Some theater dramas have been shown repeatedly but can still attract the attention of the audience. If you are curious about some of the best and famous theater drama around the world, then here are some of the most famous theater drama titles in the world.

The list of Famous Theater Drama Play all over the world

1. Romeo and Juliet

It seems that this classic story is known by everyone. Romeo and Juliet is a story by William Shakespeare about lovers who fall in love but come from different social classes. Relationships between lovers also become hindered because the two families are hostile to each other. This Romeo and Juliet story was also filmed in 1996 and acted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Clarie Danes that got a lot of fans

2. Hamlet

Another theater work owned by William Shakespeare that has also been worldwide. Hamlet is a theater drama with the genre of tragedy written by Shakespeare in 1599 – 1601. This drama tells the story of a king from Denmark who died mysteriously. The widow of the king later married his brother. The king’s spirit began to haunt the royal palace. Afterwards, the child named Hamlet began to get mystical vision and intended to uncover the secret of his father’s death.

A Streetcar Named Desire

3. A Streetcar Named Desire

This theater drama is called the best theater drama in history. Tells about wealthy families with false inheritance. The complicated conflict makes every family member to argue. Dialogues in the film are real enough and are very close to everyday life.

4. Death of Salesman

This one drama appeared in 1949 and became the best drama ever shown at Broadway Theater, New York. The story in this drama is taken from a novel of the same name, written by Arthur Miller. Death of Salesman tells the story of a father who gets inspiration through his dream, that a salesman is the best and noblest job. This father named Willy then tried to convince his children to become reliable salesmen.

5. Fences

This theater drama appeared in 1985. At the beginning of its appearance, the drama was able to win many awards as the best theater drama. The theme carried is quite interesting, namely related to racism. Fences tells the story of an African-American who gets racist treatment and tries to escape the conflict.

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