The Best Seats In Movie Theater

Have you ever experienced some aches around your neck after watching a movie in the cinema? It can be caused the seat that you choose whether too close or too far. Actually, all the seats in movie halls are not created equally. Some parts of movie seats are better than others. Here are tips to find out the best seat for the best experience in watching the movie. There will be some tips to increase your possibility to get the seat.

In order to get the best seat for best sound and visuals. You can pick the seat in the center of two-thirds back. This location is recommended for those who are looking for best sound quality. According to some experts, you are suggested to sit slightly off center to amplify the effect of the sounds. In this position, you will experience the sharper sound and get the full effect. Next, if you want to get the best viewing angle.

Every theater has a position where the best viewing angle will be amazing. In standard viewing angle, it takes in 36 degrees from the farthest seats in the movie halls to sit on. And, based on The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the vertical line of the audiences should not be more than 35 degrees from the horizontal line to the top of the screen. And the ideal sight line takes 15 degrees beneath the horizontal center line in order to get the best angles.

Those seats will be sold out quickly, so you will need some tips to increase your chance. First, you can buy the ticket online, it saves your time and energy to a long queue. We suggest you watch the movie on the Monday and Wednesday. Those two weekdays have the lowest traffic and best time for you to avoid the crowds. And you may go earlier if you directly buy the ticket in the movie locket.

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