Hollywood and Bollywood

Watching movies can be your best thing to have a proper manner of spending your spare time. There are two main f industries in the world which can make their mark on the international scale. Those are Hollywood and Bollywood which have been existing for several years. They may compete with each other and sometimes collaborate in making in the movie. And, do you know the key differences between Hollywood and Bollywood? Here some information about Bollywood and Hollywood that you may never knew. Let’s find out below!

Generally, Hollywood is very popular as the cinema of the United States as the main film industry in the United States and in the world. Most of the movies use the English language which is meant for all English speaking countries. However, this film industry also uses different language sometimes for giving a fresh air and variation. Unlike the Bollywood film industry, it still has music and scores in the film but there are often no dance numbers in particular. In Hollywood, there are six main studios in order to make the movie. There are also several types of sets which is included for several movies needed. Meanwhile, the Bollywood sounds more different than Hollywood.

You may notice that Bollywood movies have music along with dances and songs. This film industry takes place for the first time in Bombay (Mumbai). Mostly, Bollywood movies use Hindi language and sometimes they also use foreign languages like English. Do you know that some of the movies are adapted from the Hollywood and even copied in the Hindi language? These Indian movies seem to gain the popularity at because of the lack of piracy laws in the countries.

Between various film industries in the world, Hollywood is the first and highest earning industry in the world. Besides, Bollywood is remaining in the next position as the second most earning film industry. You are very familiar with the Hollywood actors and actresses such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Nicole Kidman. Besides, you may also notice that few Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. If you have watched the movie entitled “My Name Is Khan”. Those two famous Bollywood stars participate in that Hollywood movie. In the end, watching movies become a habit for most of the people to enjoy their time. There is no one which is bad or good. Those film industries have different details which make them special.

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