War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

It is not a secret that the War Memorial Art Center is one of the biggest attractions in San Francisco. Even though, you have to admit that there is another great attraction in San Francisco. It is the War Memorial Opera House. The name is derived from the First World War. That is why this opera house is attracting a lot of attention from many people in the area of California. Yes, this opera house is not only a place to watch some operas, but also the a monument to remind the event of the First World War.

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This opera house is a real greatness of opera house, at least on the area of California. That is because this opera house is a real art from a great architect named Arthur Brown. For your information, he is the one who designed the San Francisco City Hall. That is why the starting sketch of this opera house that was built in 1932 is considered as one of those masterpieces of this architect.

War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco

If you are taking a closer look at the building, this opera house is a real modernity on its time, around 1930s. You can see that and compare the overall design of this opera house with many other buildings around that time. As an addition to that, the inner parts of this opera house are also considered as something simple yet grand. The grand columns with the extra ornaments to give the details inside this opera house are something that you should never miss. To make it better, the height of the ceiling was made about 38 feet. This is one of those things that give you the grand impression from this opera house. With all of those things, it is a common thing to say that War Memorial Opera House is one of the best opera house in California.

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