The Types of Theater Genres

The Types of Theater Genres – As the form of art, the theater has some genres that can be presented through the script or scenario. And if you are an actor or actress in a theater, you have to know the different types of theater genres. Here are three different types of theater genres that you should know.

– Comedy
If you are looking for the amusing, entertaining and also simple storyline of theater, this comedy genre can be a great choice. Comedy is a type of literary genre that aims for bringing humor and inducing laughter for the audience. The theater in a comedy genre is purposed to amuse and entertain the audience through the dramatic sequence action with creating a comic effect. The theatrical comedy has a cheerful and happy ending.

– Tragedy
The word of tragedy is mostly used to describe any kind of disaster or even misfortune. And for the theater, tragedy refers to describe more serious scripts with the sequence actions of the sorrowful and terrible events. This tragedy genre is also easily impressed the attention of the audience to involve into the storyline, which is why this plot is often use as a theme in many online gambling games.

– Historical
Historical theater genre can be the comedies and tragedies genre, or even neither of these. Theater with the historical genre is also popular since it can impress the audience’s attention for a long time even until these days. This genre will be more focus on any actual historical events, so it will mostly adapt to the historical story as well.

– Musical
If you like to listen to music, this musical theater genre will be recommended to see. The musical theater is not only presenting a good theatrical performance, but this genre will also combine a lot of aspects including songs, dancing and also spoken dialogue. The audience will be entertained by the music, story, acting and also everything on the stage that is combined with the music.

– Satirical
Satirical theater becomes one of the most popular theater genres these days. Theater with its satirical genre is purposed for attempting any current events, political or social statements through the comic look. This satirical theater gets a lot of attention from the audiences.

Theatrical performance always entertains the audience through the sequence of storyline and action of the performers on the stage. Each of the theater’s genres has a different storyline, whether its comedy, tragedy, historical, musical or even the satirical genre. Every genre will give a different impression to the audience as well.

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