Here are 5 Broadway Theatre Stars Who Cast in Hollywood Movies

Here are 5 Broadway Theatre Stars Who Cast in Hollywood Movies – Broadway and Hollywood has the sweetest and longest relationship ever. From Broadway, Hollywood gets its most brilliant stars. They make the movies alive, and they make the face for publication. The following Hollywood stars are originally Broadway theatre stars. They are popular in Hollywood but not so many people know their Broadway origin.

1. Nick Jonas
Even before he gets into the popular band “Jonas Brothers”, he is already in the Broadway theatre. He makes an appearance in many of the theatre performance, including Annie Get your Gun, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Miserables. He also appears on a performance back in 2012, titled How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker
She plays Carrie Bradshaw in a popular Broadway show, Sex and the City. Surprisingly, she starts her debut back in 1976 in a Broadway performance titled The Innocents. She appeared again later in 1979 for the Annie.

3. Ariana Grande
Most people may think that Ariana Grande Started her career by starring at Several of TV shows owned by Nickelodeon. The fact is she started with Broadway. In 2008, she made an appearance and casted as the cheerleader at the 13 musical performance in the theatre.

4. Meryl Streep
Just as is on the tip top of the best online betting sites list, she is in the A list when it comes to actress and actors in Hollywood. The big screen loves her, and she is an award winning star that the younger generations look up to. Very few know that she started her career as a Broadway theatre star with Happy End musical performance was her first notable appearance.

5. Anna Kendrick
We may know her as she cast on Pitch Perfect movie hits. Originally, she was only 12 when she made an appearance on a Broadway performance titled High Society. This performance brought her into the nomination for best featured actress in musical of Tony Award.

There are still more stars should be included in this list, including Morgan Freeman and John Travlta, Sarah Hyland, Kristen Bell, Skylar Astin, and more. So yes, being in world class theatre may get you to Hollywood if you know how to master it.

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